3 reviews for Original Stick Chair Bundle (Standard)

  1. C. Michael Shalloway, Esq

    I lead an extremely active recreational life: working, hunting dogs over rough terrain, following golf tournaments over manicured courses, visiting museums and historic places with priceless flooring. I travel all over the world. The ability to convert the stick chair from a grass spike to a rubber tip is ideal for my purposes. I have tried numerous other products over the years that do not even come close to the stick chairs. I keep one in each of my three cars so that I am never without one. They are perfect to take on an airplane also when I travel to far off places. Congratulations and Thank you,
    C. Michael Shalloway, Esq.

  2. David C

    My STICK CHAIR got me through our German Christmas Markets Tour with no problems. At the time of our tour I was booked for an upcoming hip replacement, so I needed a bit of a reprieve now and then when walking. The STICK CHAIR was perfect, gave me that option of leaning back and taking the pressure off a creaky hip. I wouldn’t have been able to manage without the STICK CHAIR, as you can’t always find a seat when you need it most!

    Thanks again for the great customer service.

  3. Vincenzo Pigeon

    I just spoke to my Airline – Air Canada – and they said that the Stick Chair would be a free Carryon item as an accessibility device. This definitely made purchase and am excited for my travels with a Stick Chair. Thought others might benefit from this info.

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