5 reviews for Original Stick Chair (Standard)

  1. Barb S

    I am delighted to write a recommendation for the Original Stick Chair. I have enjoyed using it daily for my walks in the woods. I just love to be outside– sunshine or rain ! Thank you for giving an older person some needed support.

    Barb S., Egg Harbor Township, New Keysey, USA

  2. Katie S

    I received your package today. This is my second one. Now I can keep one ready to go in my car and one in my husband’s car.

    I have bilateral plantar fasciitis so I need to keep off my feet as much as possible. This is the only cane/chair that is high enough so that you still feel a part of a standing group. All of the others that I found online have the chair in the middle of the cane where it is too low because you are sitting down – not leaning.

    Thank you!

    Katie S., San Diego, California, USA.

  3. Reg I

    I just received your ”Original Stick Chair” thank you very much. I found the assembly to be very easy as indicated in the directions in the package.

    The price is very worthy compared to other Stick Chairs that I have looked at.

    I used it immediately ,It is really sturdy but lightweight, and perfect for my condition. I look forward to it’s maximum use in the future. I will indeed pass on to the many people that I walk with where I purchased my Original Stick Chair.

    Reg I., Smith’s Falls, Ontario, Canada.

  4. Rob T

    I received the stick chair and am very happy with it indeed. The adjustable height allows me to use it as a walking stick and a chair, and its fold up nature is perfect for travel. I have an old British stick chair but it is too short for walking and difficult to fit in a suitcase. Your product does it all. I would highly recommend it.

    Rob T., Orleans, Ontario, Canada.

  5. Bill P

    I am a 80 year farmer who finds it impossible stand up for any length of time due to a stroke and spine surgery. The Stick Chair has made it possible for me to sit down and take the weight off myself, then continue walking up to a mile which I could not do before. At Christmas I sang Christmas Carols outdoors with our church and sat on my Stick Chair, everyone else had to stand.
    The Stick Chair is keeping me active. Thank you.

    Bill P., Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA.

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