4 reviews for Original Stick Chair (Petite)

  1. Sandy S

    I used my Stick Chair for the first time yesterday shopping with my husband. Knowing there was no place to in the store and the length of time my husband would be there I decided to try out the Stick Chair. It worked beautifully. The walking stick gave me something to lean on while we walked around and the chair provided the relief I needed during my husband’s lengthy visit with the sales staff. I would recommend it for anyone who has trouble standing for any period of time. I’m very pleased with the Stick Chair – and very thankful you make the Petite model for shorter people.

  2. Anne T

    I am enjoying my petite model stick chair, more especially since I now have a padded seat!!
    Thank you for your speedy resolution to the problem – I can concur with the many comments on your website re the prompt caring service that you provide.
    Anne.T. Beaumont. Alberta. Canada. March 14th 2016.

  3. Jennifer Y

    I am SO delighted with my recently purchased Stick Chair – so much so that I am on your website now to order 2 more for friends birthdays. I am a major golf spectator and get to many PGA stops on their tour. The Stick Chair has been GREAT for watching golf – I am able to rest my legs but not lose my line of site. Each tournament I attend I have loads of people asking me about your Stick Chair and where they can get one – so much so that I feel like I should carry some brochures for you! We also go to as many of the Southern California Air Shows we can get to and again the Stick Chair comes out – its perfect! You always get the best seat in the house as you choose where you sit. Anyhow the Stick Chair is a great product and I am so glad I found it. I continue to recommend it to friends and it makes a great gift for those hard to buy for people. Thank you!
    Jennifer Y California, USA, March 16, 2017

  4. Mr. Y Chiba

    I am glad to know you enjoyed the photo of me sitting on my Stick Chair viewing the flower blossoms in the Park. I am also extremely happy and thank you for your assistance in making sure the Stick Chair arrived before my departure to Taipei where I will be walking a lot. I know without the Stick Chair it would not be possible to walk so much, because of my intermittent claudication. Thank you, I hope you will give me the pleasure of reading this letter on your testimonial site.
    Mr. Y. Chiba — Japan March 25, 2013

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