4 reviews for Rubber Tips – 2 Pack

  1. Amarjeet

    It is good but for walking but pad is not flexible on hard surface .

  2. G B

    The rubber tips arrived yesterday. Thank you for you attention to this issue. The new design is noticeably more effective than the original. The stick chair is an excellent product. It more than exceeds my expectations. Plus your response has been a clinic in how companies can cement loyalty from consumers and grow sales through word of mouth advertising by simply doing the right thing with grace. I will continue to use the Stick Chair, people will continue to ask about it, now not only can I comment on how well it works I have an interesting story to tell. Thank you.
    GB, Duluth, Minnesota, USA

  3. C. Michael Shalloway

    I lead an extremely active recreational life: working, hunting dogs over rough terrain, following golf tournaments over manicured courses, visiting museums and historic places with priceless flooring. I travel all over the world. The ability to convert the stick chair from a grass spike to a rubber tip is ideal for my purposes. I have tried numerous other products over the years that do not even come close to the stick chairs. I keep one in each of my three cars so that I am never without one. They are perfect to take on an airplane also when I travel to far off places. Congratulations and Thank you,

    C. Michael Shalloway, Esq.

  4. Denny H

    Received the new Stick Chair Tips which are first class. Sturdy as hell. Also congratulations on your brochure. Very professional.
    Good hunting.

    Denny H., Philadelphia, PA, USA

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